Journal Therapy

Hello everyone!

In my last post, I talked about how I’ve decided to change my attitude into a more positive one and pay more attention to my mental and physical health.

Last year I noticed my attitude had changed. I was mad all the time since the moment I opened my eyes in the morning until the last moment when I fell asleep. I  also grew easily impatient and this often got me into trouble with other people; it could be my mom, my friends, my classmates, my work team or just a random person on the subway.

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I wasn’t depressed …?

I have never considered myself as a depressive person, yet I’m fully aware of my anxiousness. I’ve been aware that, for the last couple of years, fulfillment of expectations, stress and the chaotic city life has had an impact on my body but above all my mind.

For the last two years, I began noticing that I wasn’t exactly “happy” with my life. I kept complaining every morning about the smallest of things, I kept being annoyed with people that I didn’t even know on my way to school and work. I was becoming more impatient each day and although I was totally aware of my bad mood -and sometimes I didn’t even like myself- it was hard for me to control my temper.  Continue reading I wasn’t depressed …?

Let’s do some bloggin’

Hey everyone,

Let’s begin again, shall we?
My name is Lucy. I’m Mexican and I used to have a blog here that was filled with random ideas, thoughts, likes and some portfolio things… during the last year, my life had lots of changes mostly because my mind changed and therefore my lifestyle is changing too.

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